More quality work from Sage! And I do mean “quality”. XD


Bennett The Sage - Anime Abandon: Ultimate Teacher

With a cameo from Rob Walker, and really, really small one from Doug Walker.

Don’t Touch Junky Boy

Obscuuuuure anime song reference in that title, so don’t scratch your heads too much. It’s Engrish to begin with! Oddly enough, it’s not from ‘Junk Boy’.

I’ve already written about how Sage is one of my reviewer heroes, as I really identify with where he’s coming from in Anime Abandon.  While Junk Boy is one of a handful of titles that Sage has reviewed that I haven’t seen (that Dracula crossover he did with Linkara was one that escaped me, for instance) … that isn’t what made the review so impressive.

Someone finally came out and beat the buttfuck out of Vic Mignogna with a baseball bat. 

For those that don’t know, Vic Mignongna is very popular voice actor that is a fundamentalist Christian, a homophobe, and a hypocritical ‘straight-edger’.  He lambasts his fans for drinking too much, claiming that he doesn’t… then gets shitfaced at the hotel bar and then feels up a couple of 14-year-olds cosplaying as characters he plays.

I have worked several conventions where he was a guest, some as a volunteer, other as straight-up con staff.  He treats the staff like shit. He treats the volunteers worse.  He only cares about you if you’re inflating his already bloated ego.  

Worse yet, he happens to command a legion of fangirls the likes of which I have never seen.  They’re generally 13-18 years old, and they seem to be carrying on some sort of weird vicarious romance with the characters he plays through him.  It’s fucking bizarre. He has this weird hold on them… Like the Pied Piper leading the village children to slaughter…

And if any of you out there want to run to his defense, I don’t want to fucking hear it. The man told me, PERSONALLY, that I was going to burn in hell because of my homosexuality.  And he didn’t say it with concern. He said it with that simpering self-righteousness that most Christians carry with them when they tell OTHERS they’re going to burn in hell.

He also has too many teeth.  I know that’s not a good reason to dislike him, but it’s just another thing about him that annoys me.

Even his fellow voice actors have a low opinion of him, and he is often reminded by the companies he works for that he needs to stop preaching on company time.  Make no mistake, conventions are company time.  

Vic has gained quite the hate-following in the anime community, but as I said… he does command a disturbingly large fanbase.  They will run to his defense at any opportunity.

Here’s the kicker: I don’t mind Vic’s voice acting. I think he did a good job as Edward Elric in Fullmetal Alchemist, for example.  But I’ve come to associate that voice with so much negativity that it’s hard for me not to roll my eyes whenever I hear it come up in a dub.

Long story short: Sage? Thank you so much. For saying what I never could. With a baseball bat.