A Few Thoughts on Springboard

A few of the TGWTG people have moved away from Blip.tv in favor of Springboard, a similar video hosting service.

… This has been a terrible development for me.

The phone line in/around my house is shitty. Terribly shitty. In the last two years, we’ve had the phone company out here to fix the same exact problem over a dozen times.  They keep claiming that our issue has been resolved… but, that is not the case.

At the moment, my land line cannot make or receive phone calls and my DSL speed is crawling along at about 10% of what it should be.

When I have a low speed, it’s hard to stream videos. Even short ones require at least ten minutes of loading time, and if the video is longer than 6-7 minutes, the video won’t load more until I start playing. The playback speed is faster than my connection can load the file, and as a result watching a 20 minute video can take up to an hour. Sometimes longer.

I skirted around this annoying bullshit by relying on Keepvid.com. I’d download the video (after first loading it enough to play the ad, I want the producers to make money after all) and watch it from my hard drive so that I could view the work as intended. Keepvid does not support the Springboard platform, so as of yet… I cannot find a way to download the videos. 

Since Sage and Lupa have hopped over to Springboard, I’ve been unable to watch their videos without wanting to break something. Every two minutes I have to pause it and wait 5 minutes for another two minutes to load.  

This wouldn’t be a problem if AT&T would get off their nutsack and FIX MY GOD DAMNED LINE, but since I’ve been battling with them for more than two years, I feel this is unlikely to come to pass any time soon.

While I’m glad Springboard is offering my favorite producers better opportunity, it’s incredibly frustrating to not be able to enjoy their work.

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